Week 5 – Round 3 – Mental House Cleaning!!!

mental housecleaningWell, that sounds like fun, now we not only have house cleaning, but also “Mental House Cleaning”-, YIKES!!!  

Last night Tom and I had a discussion about our day, each in different situations, however, we both had a moment in our day when the mental house gets messy and pretty much summarized both of our mental house cleaning chores!

positivethinkingcollageHere we go!!! Sometimes you spontaneously say things that don’t make you happy, your new blueprint is in place and you like what is going on but your life is impacted by so many gregarious situations that your brain falls back to your old blueprint and you react in an adverse way. Automatically you are rejecting your reactions to the situation and you realize that this is not how you want to be. So, it takes a great deal of regrouping to make you feel that you are getting back on the new blueprint path.   Why does this happen, why do we let ourselves fall into the old blueprint? We do not feel any gratification responding with old blueprints, we feel much more gratification when we are able to think and reason and follow the new path that we have both set for ourselves.

So, on a positive note, the fact that we recognize our weaknesses, make adjustments and clean up our mess makes us stronger every day!

As Haanel says:

“We can consciously use all the desirable characteristics with which we have been provided and we can repress and refuse to allow the undesirable ones to manifest. “

On another note, but on the same path, this week we complete reading Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Chapter Eight, The Scroll Marked I, 3x’s/day for 30 days. We are asked to bring to the next Scroll, something from the previous scroll, I have chosen the following:

Good Habits“Today, I begin a new life.  Thus a new and good habit is born, for when an act becomes easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is human nature to perform it often.” I must say, that could help with both house cleaning and mental house cleaning. Do you ever notice how things can get messy if your mind gets cluttered or visa versa? You just can’t do it all, blah, blah, blah!!! You know that road your mind goes down that I’m talking about.

Ok folks, it’s not magic; it’s being the Watchman at the Gate! I love it and yes, you are going to hear me talk about it many times because honestly, I know I have to be in tune with this each day, each hour, every minute! It’s called taking responsibility, what do you want your life to look like?  We are creating it every day!!!

As Haanel says in “The Master Key – Part Five”: “The thing to do is to have a mental house-cleaning, and to have this house-cleaning every day, and keep the house clean. Mental moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind.”

What did you do today to keep your mental house clean?

Embrace your journey,

Carol Marsocci

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Week 4 – Round 3 — An Eye Opener

I would like to introduce you to my husband Tom.  He has been going through the Master Keys each year with me.  I love his insight and what it is he is doing as we continue to grow our Painting and Remodeling Business.  Challenges can make you strong or they can bring you  to your knees.

keep calm round 3We constantly work together to be strong and the Master Key Experience has helped guide us to a place that we feel at peace.  Everything has a reason and I wholeheartedly respect and appreciate learning from others as we pull together to help each other through our own journey.  So, here he is, my true soulmate for life, Thomas Marsocci:

“Week 4 was an eye opener. It brought me to the realization those things that I have believed in all my life.   I can relate to different occurrences in my life, which lead me to believe I was directed by the world within.

Worrrying-does-not-empty-tomorrow-of-its-troubles-it-empties-today-of-its-strength-Mary-Engelbreit-quoteNot until now was I able to fully understand this, but I believe with my whole heart that my spirit is in direct relationship with many of the good occurrences in my life. Yes, I did dream of things I wanted to be in the past; and yes, I did dream of circumstances and conditions that I would have liked to have become. But, many did not occur because they were not based on natural law, truth and justice and I realize that now.  It was not until I started to concentrate and understand that deep thinking and focus on important matters came about by a series of events from the world within.

Now, as I continue to read and re read Week 4 of the Master Key, I can see that my thinking was the truth.”


Carol Marsocci

Week 2 – Round 3 — What are your thoughts?

Reading “The Master Key – Part Two” this week was very powerful and this is my 3rd time going through The Master Key with Mark J. I have no count on how many times I have read it and what is most important is each time I learn something new! Absolutely incredible!

I have underlined the important content when reading the Master Keys, however, after reading it so many times, everything is underlined which is very colorful, words are looked up in the dictionary, lots of notes on the side.

Then there are those moments, yes those “I didn’t see this before” moments. When something clicks that just didn’t click before.

And then there is that moment that my “old blueprint” shows up!!! Oh no!!! You know those moments when you catch yourself and say what the heck??? You say to yourself, I can’t believe I said that!!! Maybe you could call it whining???

The fun part is you know it and you acknowledge it-, what a GIFT!!!

And then I read this out of the Master Key – Part Two

“Thought is energy. Active thought is active energy; concentrated thought is a concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power. This is the power, which is being used by those who do not believe in the virtue of poverty, or the beauty of self-denial. They perceive that this is the talk of weaklings.”

Ever notice your thoughts. Your thoughts are everything, every condition of your life.

“It is often true that conditions of fear, worry, poverty, disease, in harmony and evils of all kinds dominate us by reason of false suggestions accepted by the unguarded subconscious mind. All this the trained conscious mind can entirely prevent by its vigilant protective actions. It may properly be called “the watchman at the gate” of the great subconscious domain.”

So, we are blessed because we can be the watchmen at the gate of every thought that comes into our being! It’s what we do with that thought; make a decision about what you want to do with your thoughts as you are deciding what your life looks like.


Carol Marsocci

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Master Key Experience — Week 1 Round 3

Okay, so what does this mean, Week 1 – Round 3? Here it is-, we are in Week 1 of the Master Key Experience and it’s my third year going through the Master Keys, Round 3! I did not come up with “Round 3”, I actually saw another Certified Guides blog post and thought, good idea!! Thank you Julie Hoffman!!!  We are helping people help themselves!



Which is one of the beautiful things I truly love about this dynamic team of people.  Talk about sharing, what an incredible mastermind we have. It’s not about ME, it’s about WE!!! So here we are, all very excited to be going through the Master Key Experience another time working with others to help Guide new Members through their journey.

Did you know the most successful people are the ones that have good habits? It makes a lot of sense and sounds so easy, right! Well, not exactly. If you THINK about all the habits you have created throughout your life, are they GOOD HABITS or NOT SO GOOD HABITS? How do you change bad habits-, one day at a time. You didn’t create them overnight, nor will you change them in one day. Do you want another outcome? Follow us through our 26 week journey!



As we know, habits can be like resolutions, it takes hard mental labor to make changes. Hence, the 6 month Master Key Experience!


Carol Marsocci

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