Master Key Week 3 – “IF” I link the shapes and colors

Linking shapes and colors to chores can be fascinating.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could give our conscious mind a little breather and fill it with only positive thoughts?  Some may think-, how do I do that?  It’s actually simple if we let it be simple.

To be totally honest though, I am finding this week to be a challenge as it has been extremely full, but I might add with many wonderful things,- which is also interesting!  The reading was sometimes beyond my comprehension so I would listen to the audio also over and over again.   That being said, I am accomplishing a lot so this makes me feel extremely positive and it is feeding me energy to keep working on my Plan of Action.  If I see this change already, I am excited and extremely enthusiastic about my future.   Creating this new experience is so uplifting and I know that I must step up my daily work with the MKMMA in order to move to where I want to be.  There cannot be any “if” here as my life does depend on it.

If I link the shapes and colors to my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and chores then my conscious mind will get a vacation as it serves as the guardsman of the gate deciding what gets into the subconscious mind!!!  Remember, we don’t have to let them in if we choose not to!!!  That’s pretty powerful and to think-, if I was taught this early on?  However, I do not think another thought about it as the watchman at the gate tells me that it will not serve me well to dwell on that “if”.  I am choosing to link shapes and colors and enjoy for it’s the right time in my life to embark on this journey.    What matters most is if I pass on this gift!

Enjoy the gifts of shapes and colors!

Carol Marsocci

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