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Carol Marsocci

Certified Master Guide with Master Key Experience (MKE), Qivana Distributor and Lyme’s Disease Advocate


Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and about myself.  My name is Carol Marsocci and I am married to a wonderful guy and have 3 amazing adult children.   Tom and I have worked together for most of our 34 years of marriage and enjoy spending time together.   I am fortunate to have a wonderful family and friends to share my life with.

If you met me in person I believe you would sense that I do really enjoy people; our children are always amazed how I can strike up a conversation with anyone.  At the same time I can be very quiet (some would laugh at that statement) but it is true.  I believe in honesty and integrity as a foundation to a friendship, business and life in general.  I enjoy the game of golf and get out there a couple times a week during the golf season.  I also love to ski and snowmobile and one of my goals is to get out there more often on the slopes!

I am always looking to learn something new, improve every day and help others; for that reason I made the decision to take the Master Key Experience (MKE) with Mark J and Davene, Trish, Derek and Dayna!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and experiences through the 26 weeks with the MKE!  Please feel free to leave a comment as we can learn so much from each other.


Carol Marsocci

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