Master Key Week #24 – If we choose to accept this gift …

As we arrive at our commencement of the six-month Master Key Master Mind Alliance I look back and ask that you close your eyes for a moment and a gift is sitting right in front of you to unwrap.  It is gift unlike anything you have ever received.  It is a gift of love, beautiful thoughts, giving, caring and if you accept this gift you can unlock the master key to your bliss, of what it is that you really truly and honestly want to create for yourself.

“By following your bliss the world isn’t just alive-, it lives!  It’s a safe place to self discover without influence.  The meaning of life is finding your gifts and the purpose of life is giving it away and by doing so your world lives!”

Here is a clip from the movie “Adaption”.  I truly love “The only barometer you have is your heart.  When you spot your flower you can’t let anything get in your way.”

“Listening to your heart, follow your heart, give away your unique gifts and the world lives!”

Mark J and Davene found their purpose, not to teach, but create an environment for people to self discover without influence.

Enjoy your day!

Carol Marsocci

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