Master Key Experience — Week 1 Round 3

Okay, so what does this mean, Week 1 – Round 3? Here it is-, we are in Week 1 of the Master Key Experience and it’s my third year going through the Master Keys, Round 3! I did not come up with “Round 3”, I actually saw another Certified Guides blog post and thought, good idea!! Thank you Julie Hoffman!!!  We are helping people help themselves!



Which is one of the beautiful things I truly love about this dynamic team of people.  Talk about sharing, what an incredible mastermind we have. It’s not about ME, it’s about WE!!! So here we are, all very excited to be going through the Master Key Experience another time working with others to help Guide new Members through their journey.

Did you know the most successful people are the ones that have good habits? It makes a lot of sense and sounds so easy, right! Well, not exactly. If you THINK about all the habits you have created throughout your life, are they GOOD HABITS or NOT SO GOOD HABITS? How do you change bad habits-, one day at a time. You didn’t create them overnight, nor will you change them in one day. Do you want another outcome? Follow us through our 26 week journey!



As we know, habits can be like resolutions, it takes hard mental labor to make changes. Hence, the 6 month Master Key Experience!


Carol Marsocci

The Master Key Experience 26 week class begins every September. To get early notification for the “Pay It Forward” Scholarship it’s easy, just fill in your information to learn all about it and receive information throughout the year!

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