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Coming soon — real soon!!! Actually Do It Now for the 2016 Master Key Experience!


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This is a once a year chance to take the course that has changed hundreds of lives for the better already.

In 2015-2016, we had over 550 individuals join in the Master Key Experience.  And in line with our mission, we will multiply our value a hundredfold.

It’s a six-month journey into your greatness guided by people who know how to support you in mastering the skills and mindset required to transform yourself and your life, totally, completely, and forever, because you cannot close a mind once opened.

You see, the course is intensive and life changing for the people who are willing to invest an hour a day on themselves. Like any exercise… you get what you put into it.

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Due to the overwhelming response the Master Key Experience fills up quickly. We will be opening enrollment again in September, 2016 . Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be put on the email list for announcing the upcoming course schedule.  You can also click here!

Note from the MKE Team

We’re glad that you’ve come to check out “The Master Key Experience Program” and we are excited that you have the insight to take a look!

Some Scientific Evidence…

One of the things I loved about the Master Key Experience course is how everything taught is backed up with scientific evidence. Facts, not fiction. Reality, not hype. When you’re building a toolbox of skills for personal development, it helps to know it’s been proven that they work. The best part? They continue to work LONG, LONG, LONG after the course is over too.

[They include some really great extra bonuses for professional development too!]

There’s 2 additional videos below which verify what Charles Haanel wrote about in 1912. It’s actually scientifically accurate that you and I, and everybody, predetermines their achievement level based on chemical addictions we have in our body. Shocked? I sure was! But, it’s not a question of whether or not it’s true. So, check out these videos along with the blogs we mentioned earlier to see what others have discovered and what you can discover too with a scholarship in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

We want to make sure you get FIRST NOTICE of our 26 week course beginning in September.


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Yes, it’s true, you cannot buy this course. All candidates who quailfy receive Pay-it-forward Scholarships and meet requirements to maintain their scholarship

Pay-it-forward Scholarships [a.k.a. “PIFS”] simply mean previous members “pay-it-foward” for the new members. They are awarded on a first come, first qualified basis. By hopping on this list you’ll be notified of the application dates 2 days prior to the general public.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Nothing to lose, everything to gain!



By the way, you can go to to read the blogs that Mark was talking about in the first video.  Scroll down Mark J’s blog and you will see links to many blogs.  Before you leave, get on the early notification list above!

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4 thoughts on “Get MKE Scholarship

  1. Yes, you get what you put in the Master Key Experience…and even more as the tuition of each student of the coming session has already been paid by the previous class! Thanks for the two inspiring videos!

    • mkcarmarso

      Thank you Luc. I pinch myself sometimes, knowing that we are all working together helping others help themselves. Because of the Pay It Forward, the Master Key Experience is a gift to anyone who wants to accept it and is willing to do the work. Looking forward to another year! Enjoy, Carol

    • mkcarmarso

      I am just as excited for you Stephanie. You will receive an email on Sept 10th with a video and more info to follow! Enjoy your day, Carol

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