Master Key Week 12 – If I persist I will succeed!

Haanel says “The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward.  Eternal vigilance is the price of success. Here are three steps, and each is absolutely essential.  You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

Moving forward means keeping focus, if you don’t focus you tend to scatter all over the place.  If and when that happens things become unclear, somewhat blurry and tend to get nowhere or go backwards.  I like the idea of moving forward each day.  At the end of each day I enjoy my time reading quietly and thinking of my accomplishments.

I find myself taking a more “do it now” attitude and even though I have many “things” on my to do list, there are also many things that come up day to day and you need to question the importance of the task in hand.  It’s important to make a decision and go with it demanding the best out of yourself.  If you can do this especially under difficult circumstances you are truly moving forward.   I have faith that my purpose in life is being fulfilled; I have to be honest, self doubt did creep in.  It’s all about what you do with the self-doubt.  Learning and using autosuggestion and the exercises are truly life changing.

I will be what I will to be!

To our success,

Carol Marsocci

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2 thoughts on “Master Key Week 12 – If I persist I will succeed!

  1. Rhonda Moss

    Very powerful keys to our journey! Self doubt has a way of creeping in we just have to beat it back out. Replace a stronger thought with that negative doubting thought.

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