Master Key Week 18 – If we followed some of the teachings in the movie “I AM”….

We were asked to watch the movie “I AM” this week.  This movie is a documentary and is very thought provoking and discusses so many facets of life:

  • cooperation and democracy
  • ability to cooperate and take care of others
  • sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature
  • love and compassion
  • anger makes us stupid
  • the heart is intelligent
  • greed-, a learned behavior

My husband Tom and I watched this together and after I watched the interviews with Tom Shadyac I was intrigued.  It is so thought provoking that I stayed up late and woke up to watch more.   Perhaps its something he said-, to be honest it wasn’t just one thing, but many!  To start, he began his journey long before his bike accident where he suffered Post Concussion Syndrome.  However, after the accident he realized that he wanted to tell his story of what he had learned about himself before and after.

Here is the YouTube link to watch in 7 parts.  However, you will have to purchase the movie to watch part 7!  Don’t wait though to watch!!!

Here is the trailer version:

Many suffer with Post Concussion Syndrome.  As Tom Shadyac discusses there are several key points with this illness:

  • Different for different people
  • Very isolating and debilitating disease
  • Nothing helps but time
  • The brain is very slow in healing in most cases
  • It can heal but takes a lot of time

This all resonates with me at a level in which I truly understand.  I always believe that there is a purpose for everything and I wouldn’t be so absorbed in this movie “I AM” and the interviews if I didn’t truly understand what he was saying and had experienced.

For those of you that don’t know, years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease after going at least 10 years undiagnosed.  The purpose that I like to share this is if I can help one person not go through whatever it is they may be suffering with, I have made a difference.  It’s important for us to take control of our own health, however, some people are dealing with what Tom Shadyac dealt with from Post Concussion Syndrome and many others do with Lyme and many other illnesses.  You make your world very small during the illness and road to recovery is long.  People generally do not understand and that’s what makes it a lonely place.  I want to help people see that there is hope and happiness around the corner!

I definitely want to meet Tom Shadyac-, he offers so much to the MKMMA!!!  Here is Tom Shadyac’s interview on “The Young Turks” which is worth watching:


I love how he ends this interview:  “We are all on journey’s, I’m not sitting here saying I’m right, look at me, I’ve got the answers.  I’m saying I am experiencing something that is elevating and awesome, do you want to hear about it and then if it applies to you, if it opens up any doors for you-, FANTASTIC!  I think if I stood up and said, “I’m right, the square footage that I chose is right, my lifestyle is the right lifestyle and yours is wrong, I don’t think my friends would respond to that.”

Expand into the possibility-, I am that, I am!

Carol Marsocci

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10 thoughts on “Master Key Week 18 – If we followed some of the teachings in the movie “I AM”….

  1. There were so many beautiful moments in the movie. A great documentary provokes a conversation. A great documentary opens up a flow of emotions in each person. We all see so much in this film and it affects each of us in different ways. You’ve given us cherished moments to hold dear. You’ve given hope to those who are impacted by disease. Sharing and Caring…that’s you Carol:-))))

  2. Brad Holliday

    Hi Carol,
    Fantastic that this is linking so much for you and helping you access your power even more! That movie has made a tremendous impact on me also! You may be interested about one of Tom’s featured actors in a lot of his movies, Jim Carrey, and his thoughts on Universal Mind!
    So happy for you!


  3. Happy to hear you got to watch I AM. I found that this movie is the perfect combination of what I have read over the years, with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and the MKMMA. The information is out there for all to tap into. We just need to be open minded and willing to take action.

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