Master Key Week 20 – IF we did less multitasking!

First, here is the definition for MULTITASKING

mul·ti·task [muhl-tee-task, -tahsk, muhl-tahy-] Show IPA

verb (used without object)

1.  Computers. (of a single CPU) to execute two or more jobs concurrently.

2.  (of one person) to perform two or more tasks simultaneously.

This I find an interesting subject.  When going on job interviews in the 80’s one question I remember always being asked-, are you good at multitasking?  Of course, my answer was a clear YES!  I happened to be in the in the systems field back then and was responsible for choosing and bringing in word processers into our company.   I must sound ancient!!!  I can understand why multitasking was important in my job back then, I was a troubleshooter especially first thing in the morning when everyone received their reports.  Before calling Data Processing, I would determine if it was the end users error or Data Processing’s error in the sequence they ran the updates the previous night.

Our parents watched the era as their lives became easier with washing machines, dryers, toaster ovens, and dishwashers.  When I was growing up I can remember it being a big deal when we got a colored tv.  It also meant that the black & white tv had to go someplace!  Why not my room!!!   We had to get up and out of bed to change the channel or shut the tv off.  I did, however, have a switch that had a cord that went into the tv so that was pretty cool laying in bed and shutting it off.  So then we got a dishwasher, which was a time saver especially because I was the dishwasher.  All of these electronics really did make life easier.  Life was simple; you made plans with people ahead of time if you wanted to go out.   That’s if you could get a hold of them because there was no call waiting, caller id or answering machines-, we had to PLAN.

Another words, we didn’t have the distractions that we have these days.  There was a time that we thought with computers we would have less paper-, do you see that happening?  When I went to college, I thought it was huge that I had a typewriter.   We called home once a week from the pay phone in the hall.

Fast forward, came the bag phone that was something we put in our car for emergency only.  Then they made them smaller where you could put them in your pocketbook.  They were used again for emergencies, quick calls that made life a little more convenient.

Desktop computers came in the home, I used them for our business for the bookkeeping aspect instead of using the Dome Book that you wrote all your income and expenses in.  A few years before that I had taken a programming class where our assignment was to draw 2 houses and a bird and it had to fly back and forth from one house to another.  Did I ever imagine where this was going to go???  I just thought it was pretty cool that I could do that!

Fast forward, cell phones and computers-, did we ever imagine how intertwined they would become in our busy lives.  Have you ever left home without it?  How did it make you feel?

How many have their cell phone with them most moments of every day?  How many times do you check your email accounts (yes, that is meant to be a plural)?  How many times do you check your text because you thought you heard a ding?  How many times do you check your Facebook account?  How many times do you make a call because you just feel like talking to someone instead of dealing with the task in hand?  This of course, many times done while you are doing something else-, driving, waiting for someone etc.  How about going to the mall, or walking the streets of NYC, how many people are with people, but talking on their phones.  Are they living in the moment with their friends?

Before MKMMA I knew multitasking was a problem and didn’t really need MKMMA to enlighten me on that.  What I did need is to learn how important it is to have laser focus on the task in hand, take time to sit still and learn how to think of absolutely nothing to thinking deeply about something.  I have become a much better observer and it is fun.  Now when Tom ask me for something and I happen to be in mid stream of another task, I tell him after I finish what I am doing and we laugh!   I am observing how many times I am interrupted in my day and learning how to handle.

So after all is said and done here, we want to use a compass instead of the clock just as we are being taught in MKMMA.  My cell phone and computer keeps me connected with family, friends and people I work with and care very much about.  It is my decision to be there for the one’s I care about and also take care of business.  It’s learning that you can take time to sit each day without distractions, have time with your inner thoughts and enjoy the process.

If we take the time to value and train our minds living in the moment, we will not only help ourselves-, we will in turn help so many people.

Enjoy your day!

Carol Marsocci

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5 thoughts on “Master Key Week 20 – IF we did less multitasking!

  1. Thank you for taking me down memory lane! I was the original “remote control” as in “go change the channel!” Luckily there were only three major networks:-). Working in an industry where you need six hands and twelve ears to keep pace with everything coming in at once (think emergency room without the blood) you can never truly concentrate on any given task. You pointed out how important it is to focus on one thing at a time; to genuinely be in the moment; to live by the compass.

    • I remember all of what you talked about. Dome books were my bookkeeping system. Now we have quickbooks. A real time saver.

      I do agree about focus. I am learning that. If we focus on too many things we bring about frustration which distracts us from the original focus. One thing at a time, one step at a time is the answer. There is so much available to make our lives easier but we need to be the one in charge, not the technology.

  2. Brad Holliday

    Great post Carol! Being born in 1960 I was right there with you along memory lane! Amazing what we have witnessed and more so what we are experiencing with MKMMA!
    Great being on this journey with you!

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