Master Key Week 4 – “I can be ….

I can be what I will to be!

We are asked in Week 4 to repeat, “I can be what I will to be” 20 times per day linking it with a shape and color.  We are also asked to start with small things that we know we can control, gradually increasing our effort and not allowing the “I” to be overruled by circumstances.  I have had several circumstances come up this week and my blueprint has more than just peeked through.  Due to circumstances I have found myself being totally blocked, not having any energy to have any thoughts of what it is I want to write about.  Therefore, here I am, writing somewhat of this issue.

I will not, I cannot let this overtake me so I am taking control of this situation.   There is no choice here as I am on my journey to find the “World Within” which controls the world without.   That actually sounds pretty cool.  As I write I am reflecting on the past few days and realize I am allowing myself to be controlled by my emotions instead of by my intellect.  The good news is that it is said you will not succeed the first time you try, that practice makes perfect!  I am having what I would call a long practice right now so I plan on dismissing, eliminating and completely destroying any negative thoughts because this will not serve me well or others well.  I am going to plant seeds of prosperity and repeat 20 times “I can be what I will to be”.

Okay, I have completed Week 4 blog and I will continue to fight my way through this path to prosperity with intention and persistence and am thankful every day for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  A true gift that has been given to me for a reason-, to live in the World Within!

Enjoy your day,

Carol Marsocci

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5 thoughts on “Master Key Week 4 – “I can be ….

  1. You are doing fine! You accomplished this assignment and you can do the next one, and the next one. You can be what you will to be… we all can. It just takes practice. As I have heard before… practice does NOT make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Keep focused on the positive. You can be what you will to be!

  2. I too have seen the ugly head of my old blueprint this week. But I also notice a suttle unconscious change in the way i am reacting to the circumstances around me, fight the good fight and we will win

  3. Rita Allaire

    Hi Carol,
    You are seeing the old blueprint ……. however we are seeing the new blueprint that is shining. You have taken all the negative and difficult things given you and looked at the positive. Death of a loved one is always difficult and you have embraced it with your new blueprint. Blessings as you grow in the world within.

  4. Adam Orlandella

    Great work pushing through and getting the post done. You should celebrate that accomplishment and the accomplishment of being the observer to the fact your old blueprint is trying to be all sneaky with you! Inspirational…thanks!

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