Master Key Week 7 – If you take the time to Visualize

Haanel says “Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.”

This is starting to sink in a bit and make more sense.   I have a better understanding why it’s important that our DMP (Definite Major Purpose) needs to be clear and concise.  I am thinking about when I built our home, I had the picture and the plans and constantly looked at all the details on the blueprint.  I checked all the orders to make sure everything matched the materials I was expecting.   All of the measurements, starting with the foundation and framing needed to be precise.  Even 1/2” inch off somewhere can change the outcome-, cause and effect!  I was focused at each stage checking everything along the way.

I am learning that to be successful you need to have a plan, be able to visualize the plan in your mind before you start the process.   When I talk about success, it’s not measured by how much money you make or what you have.  My success is having balance in our lives, helping others find their balance and the ability to choose what we want to focus on with full intent, enjoying the process and the money will follow.

To our success,

Carol Marsocci

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5 thoughts on “Master Key Week 7 – If you take the time to Visualize

  1. Bob Grigsby

    Hi Carol, great post. We have been told to begin with the end in mind. That statement is making a lot of sense to me. Good job.

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