Master Key Week 8 – If we practice, have determination and imagination…

Week 8 was all about imagination.  When we were kids our imagination was endless.  We played all day and much of the day was total imagination whether you were playing school, having a store, being a movie star, pretending you were the Lady Bugs!!!  Yes, I was fortunate to have summer friends and us girls were the Lady Bugs and the boys were the Beatles.  Us girls would spend days making our guitars out of a piece of wood, a 1 x 4.  Use cardboard cut out in the shape of the guitar.  Use toothpaste caps as these guitars were electronic guitars.  We used fish line for the strings meticulously drawing black lines on the piece of wood.  We would paint our guitars and spend hours making them look real.  We would practice for hours singing with the music on our 45’s.  My friends had a 45 player that had batteries and we could bring that outside-, how cool was that!  Now of course, while we were practicing, the guys (we called them the “big kids” and one of them happened to be my older brother) would be doing the same.  So on a Saturday night we had what we called a playoff and invited everyone in the cottages to come watch us play.  We treated this like a big production and put our pennies, nickels and dimes together and got lots of penny candy for the audience.  When that evening came both the Lady Bugs and the Beatles performed and the audience chose the winners.  And guess who that might be-, us young girls, the Lady Bugs.  I can still remember the “big kids” running after the judges with their guitars like they were going to hit them over their heads, but of course, they didn’t.  It was a special time in my life, when summers were carefree.  My summer friends brought my imagination to a whole new level.  Although I don’t see them on a regular basis we keep in touch and talk about the days that we were called “The Riviera Girls”.  It was a simple time when you could be gone all day and come home at dinnertime.  Imagine!!!

I loved this week because I spent time imagining.  The battleship exercise focuses on imagining all those men and women on that battleship as it sits on the ocean.  Go backwards and think of how they got there, what did they study, when and why did they decide to enlist, what were their lives like growing up.  Then you think about the ship and moving backwards watch it being dismantled.  How were all the parts made and where were they made and on and on.

What I have realized is I need to take the time to imagine. You can’t just think about it, you need to exercise your mind and sit still and see it, imagine it happening.  I then want to take it backwards, dismantle, which will give me direction to see it through, make a plan and move forward.

If I only knew!!! 

Carol Marsocci

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5 thoughts on “Master Key Week 8 – If we practice, have determination and imagination…

  1. Nicole Wright

    Hi Carol,

    I loved hearing about the Lady Bugs! Brought me back to my childhood and all those hours of playing fort and make believe with the kids in the neighborhood. Great reminder of the power of imagination!

  2. Hi Carol,

    This brought back a few memories, thanks! Remembering all the 45’s I used to have. I still have several hundred LP’s that are collecting dust. It’s been a couple of decades, maybe it’s time to dust off a few and have a listen.

  3. I was not into music ….. like heck I wasn’t… I have what most call a total recall of songs, it amazes my wife… if I liked it i studied it and then memorized it, and now I can bring them back at will… so thank you for the memory lane on the Beatles and Bugs… 🙂

  4. Oh Carol, I just love your Lady Bugs story!! As I was reading, I was imagining myself finding a book I don’t particularly want to keep any more, and covering it with an interesting cover, with a new title, and MY name as the author. Then do it a few more times, and I’ll have a nice visible, tangible symbol of the books I will have published by December 2016!

    When I listen to music, I get totally immersed in it. Sometimes I find myself imagining every musician in the background, playing each instrument, and the singer’s every expression while singing his or her heart out. It really makes the music come alive for me.

    • mkcarmarso

      Thank you Willena, we had so much fun! I love your visualization idea for the book you are publishing! Please share a picture when the time comes!!! Enjoy, Carol

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