Master Key Week 11 – If we learn that we have the ability to choose our thoughts…

The reading this week was very intense in my estimation.  Did I just put a thought out there that this reading was very difficult-, yes!!!  I listened to the audio many times along with reading it, reading it quietly, reading it with a dictionary by my side to make sure I knew what every word meant.   Yes, I did put that thought out there but one thing I did differently is I kept reading to better understand what I was reading and I will come back to this as I learn more about the creative power of thought.

# 29 says:

By far the greatest discovery of all the centuries is the power of thought.  The importance of this discovery has been a little slow in reaching the general consciousness, but it has arrived, and already in every field of research the importance of this greatest of all great discoveries is being demonstrated.


We have learned previously that our subconscious mind is the “Watchman at the Gate”.  Time to step it up with the exercises making sure they are done with full intention!!!

Enjoy your thoughts,

Carol Marsocci

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