My Master Key Experience




Toolbox – Take a look at a cabinet makers work space and look at all the tools for a variety of uses. Did you know we have tools to help us with our every day challenges? Would you like to learn what they are and how to use them?


Find your Passion

Find your Passion


Direction with Focus – Have you ever had a conversation with yourself and given 100% of your attention on you? What do you really want? When do you want to accomplish this? How are you going to get there? This is your life we are talking about and when you are in your last days, are you going to be at peace with your life or talk about how you would have done things differently?





Create positive thoughts and habits – Are you living with intention or going along with the day as it unfolds? Are you able to forgive and move forward? Are you able to give without reciprocity? What would life look like if it were surrounded with positive thoughts?





We are what we think about

We are what we think about


Hard mental labor – Are you ready to read more? Are you open to learning more?

Letting go – Are you ready to forgive? Are you willing to sit with the question “What are you pretending not to know?”

Being accountable – Are you ready to be honest with yourself and others? Do you think you can hold back on opinions?

I have gone through the Master Key Experience 2 times, once as a member, the 2nd year as a Certified Guide and looking forward to another year as a Certified Master Guide helping our Intern Guides. I consider myself a very strong person, went for many years undiagnosed with Lyme Disease which is in itself a very long story for another time.

Not how far you fall but how you bounce back

I have always wanted to help others get their life back after Lyme or other chronic illnesses understanding the challenges endured. Helping others help themselves is now my life long journey and I am able to do this through the Master Key Experience. This is something I am passionate about but there is a big difference of wanting to do something and doing it! I now have a plan in place.

I could go on and on with Pros and Cons, but what you need to know is it is not a weekend of giving you tools to use, it is a 26 week course of progression, giving you a tool and sharing ideas on how to use each tool.   There is never going to be a perfect time, there is always a reason why you should wait.

Be that person

Decide to be that person


What I found was if I didn’t do something, no one else was going to do it for me. You will have a personal Guide who will “guide” you through the Master Key Experience.

Why not give yourself a gift, you can receive a “pay it forward” scholarship by taking the first step by getting on the list for early notification in September! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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10 thoughts on “My Master Key Experience

    • mkcarmarso

      Walter, I’m excited to begin another MKE year real soon! Like all the other Guides, feel blessed to continue the progression and digging deeper each time. Enjoy, Carol

    • mkcarmarso

      Thank you Maria, I truly love the toolbox approach. I look so forward to another year with MKE and happy you are joining us as a MKE Certified Guide.

  1. I cannot tell you how much your dedication has inspired us Carol…how hard you worked during the course and as a guide…and your light is showing 🙂

    I just love you pointing out what it takes and then puncuatate it with “accountability” …

    mahalo for this great post and it’s wonderful clarity

  2. Carol, the toolbox thing, now I observe that masters of their trade have “tools” that they use to create their perfection. And you just put the connection to me about “what are my tools?” Really, what tools do I have that I can use to make myself, my life, my friends and family’s life’s “perfect?”
    Peace – George

    • mkcarmarso

      Thank you George-, what I love is the Master Key Experience not only shows us the tools, but also how to use them. I reach for a tool daily and it really feels so good knowing I can choose one that works for me. The best part is when we first started the course, some felt silly, not anymore!!! Enjoy, Carol

  3. Faye Leach

    Hey Carol, so nicely put. Having the right tools is definitely having the Master key. And, with the MKMMA experience we have definitely been given the right tools. Have a Blessed day! ? Faye

    • mkcarmarso

      Thanks Faye, there is truly nothing like it! The tools we learn are a gift for a lifetime. You also have a wonderful day and let’s catch up real soon!!! Enjoy, Carol

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