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During the Master Key Experience (MKE) we are asked to take our vision of our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement and create a Press Release of being interviewed several years out.


The interview centers around where I see myself in May 2018 helping people get their life back after Lyme’s.


Interview with Katie Couric

May 17, 2018

Katie:  Hello Carol, I am excited to meet you.

Carol:  Well I’m very excited to meet you and thankful that you have taken on the role to get information out there on Lyme Disease.

Katie:  As you know in September 2013 I dedicated several shows to people struggling with Lyme Disease.  It has become a passion of mine to not only educate but also understand this Disease.

Carol:  And that’s why I am thrilled to be talking with you and sharing some information.

Katie:  So tell me, I know that you have become a well-known advocate to help people through the process of getting their health back after contracting Lyme’s and getting a proper diagnosis.

Carol:  Yes, Katie.  It is my passion to help people through this journey as some people don’t have the strength or maybe they don’t have the help that they need to get their health back.

Katie:  Tell me what you are up to?

Carol:  I have been reaching out to different people, which then lead to others that had a burning desire to be part of this crusade.  It started off with a group of people brainstorming on a conference call and some meetings and from there honing in on the steps, if you will, that would be productive and get our desired outcome.

Katie:  Have you reached an outcome?

Carol:  Katie, this is going to be an ongoing challenge which we are certainly embracing every day.  I always dreamed of this, but to be honest, never believed it would happen.  I had my own struggles first of getting out of my own way.

Katie:  Well what is it that enabled you to get where you are today?

Carol:  First, I had to get well myself.  In 2009 I became a part of a company that took the systems approach to health and wellness.  I could go into my story, however, what I would rather do is talk about what I am doing now to help others.  I have a sustainable business and I take a portion of my income each month and it goes to a Fund that was started over 2 years ago.  Now of course, it’s just not myself, we have so many contributors that are active in our cause.  We help people get the treatments that may not be covered by insurance.  They don’t have the money to get acupuncture, cranial sacral, reflexology, reiki, massage therapy, to mention just a few.

Katie:  How does that work?   I mean how do you pick out the people who need it?

Carol:  To be honest Katie, they all deserve it!  If you have endless amount of money, then you can do it on your own.  If you are middle income and below you certainly could use some help.  Anyone with this disease suffers not only with his or her health but also with his or her financial situation.

Katie:  What have you learned through this whole process if that is what we should even call this.

Carol:  I have learned never to give up, never to give up on hope and always be thankful for what you do have.  Through all of this I always felt there was a reason, didn’t quite understand it, but good was going to come out of this.

Katie:  And what good do you feel has come out of this for you personally?

Carol:  I understand that when you pass someone on the street or someone is not acting himself or herself, there is a reason.  They are going through something that we don’t know about and instead of judging them I choose to feel compassion and kindness for them and hope their day gets better.

Katie:  I know this is a continuous life’s mission you are on, what do you want to do next.

Carol:  I am so glad you asked that question Katie.  I want to be part of something meaningful and know that my life’s journey has had a purpose.  I am working with people to set up a Lyme Disease Clinic and am looking of an opening date of May 2018.  Once we get our first one up and running we expect to expand and set up different satellite offices and more Clinics.

Katie:  What impact do you want to make on this disease?

Carol:  One thing is for sure, there are many people out there with Lyme Disease and there are also many out there that have not been diagnosed.  What concerns me the most and I want to make sure this is really emphasized-, the baby boomers are retiring, we make up for a large portion of our population, I’m extremely concerned that many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and many forms of dementia are going to be misdiagnosed and actually have Lyme or some other bacterial infection.

Katie:  You really think that could be happening?

Carol:  I know in my heart this is happening.  I believe that if I had not opened up to my friend the Lyme could have gone too far beyond return.  They would have just said I had dementia or something.  I lived in fear of what was happening to me and didn’t feel I could share for what they would have thought.  (I actually tried sharing and was saddened with the outcome).  I’m sure you have heard all the stories of how people have family, friends that got tired of them complaining they weren’t feeling well because they looked perfectly fine.  I fought this deep within and I am so thankful to this day for my friend and also the person she knew that had been recently diagnosed by an Infectious Disease Doctor.  They did save my life because only I truly know where I was heading and it was scary.

Katie:  So is it correct to say you want to help others especially those that can’t help themselves?

Carol:  Yes, Katie that is correct.   I had good insurance, but we have always been self-employed so we paid every penny of it.  There was a lot of money spent on Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, and Cranial Sacral.  It was all worth every cent and I still do Acupuncture, along with using Product Systems which has all helped me boost my immune system, absorb nutrients and come off all pharmaceutical drugs.  When you don’t have your health so many other things around you suffer.  We also all know, health insurance has changed dramatically in the past several years and so much more expensive.

Katie:  I know you haven’t talked about your career, but I know you have embarked on new adventures.  Can you tell us about it?

Carol:  Sure Katie!  After 3 ½ years of antibiotics and the ordeal with Lyme I was introduced to product systems that was a part of changing my health.  I noticed great results within a short time and also enjoyed the business side of it and helping people restore their health.  I did need to learn skills for this business so I was fortunate to be introduced to Go90Grow Think & Grow Rich Program  from Mark J known as “The World’s Most Laziest Network Marketer”.  I have enjoyed learning new skills and also learned about myself and made a road map of where I was going.  This has helped me also in my path to health.  They talk about the frontal lobes and I realize how fortunate I am to have that blood flow back (it was very diminished when first diagnosed with Lyme) as this is where creativity begins.  I also was in the MKMMA (Master Key Mastermind Alliance) again with Mark J for a 6-month program and that was instrumental in getting my creativity and in depth thoughts back.  I had the privilege through training with Mark J, Davene, Trish and Derek to become a MKMMA Certified Guide in which we are part of something big, guiding people to be self directed in their own Hero’s Journey.  This I definitely want to expand upon each and every day as this helps guide myself and others through the Hero’s Journey.  This brings pure joy to my life!

Katie:  It sounds like you have had quite a journey and to think you are working on helping open up clinics around the country to help people suffering with Lyme Disease.  Did you ever think that was possible?

Carol:  Before MKMMA I would say no-, however, after digging deep into this course I had no doubt that I was going to feed my thoughts and do the work so that I would be able to do whatever it is I so desire.  When I leave this world, I will know my life had a purpose and I am living life to the fullest with abundance of joy all around me.  Thank you Katie for sharing my story as I want people to understand to always have hope and if they set out to do something large or small, they must finish for they are creating a habit.  Create your joy in life, give more and you will get more.

Enjoy the day,

Carol Marsocci






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11 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. Beth Kennedy

    Wonderful interview. You have hit a topic very close to my heart – the fact that alternative treatments are not included in health insurance. I can feel your commitment and know that those clinics WILL be in place and helping others sooner than you think.

  2. Rhonda Moss

    Such a blessing I can see you on the screen! it is never easy dealing with sickness, but because if people like you, others will have hope to continue to keep pressing forward. I’m rooting for you!

    • mkcarmarso

      Agree Jim-, there is so much we do not know, but in the same breath so much we do know. Take a look at ACT, Advanced Cellular Training under Treatments in the Lyme Tab. This information is here to serve as ways to help others get their life back back! Enjoy, Carol

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