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The Master Key Experience is like nothing else out there. We seem to go through life, taking it as it comes. Yes, some plans were made and sometimes followed and other times not. I have gone through the Master Key Experience twice, once as a member and then as a Certified Guide helping others through the experience, guiding not directing.  I pinch myself because what can be more rewarding than “helping people help themselves”???  What I have learned most of all is that we are what we think about all day long.

I was fortunate to work with my Australian friend, Andrew Fenwick, as a Certified Guide last September 2014 and excited to work with him this year as he now is a Guide Intern for the class beginning this September 2015.

I would like to share his insight on the Master Key Experience and you can continue below to Andrew Fenwick’s Blog!

That Week 24 – The most comprehensive personal success class

G’Day Everyone

Just realised that I hadn’t let you in on the final (formal) week of our Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience.

Firstly the efforts and resources tipped into this process by the organisers needs to be acknowledged.  This has to be the best value for input personal success and happiness training available anywhere in the world.  So many times I have been excited throughout my adult life about various personal development opportunities, only to get to the final part of it’s marketing to find an enormous financial commitment required; usually accompanied by some sort of urgent make a decision now or miss out clause.  I am sure many of you have seen this and like me backed off.

I suppose worse still for the many who must fork out the cash to participate and come away with a ‘jazzed up feeling’ that only lasts a few days and then they feel worse than they did before the course about their future.

The MKMMA process is incredibly affordable and there is no financial commitment that needs to be met prior to checking out the process and getting an experience from it.  click here to continue reading Andrew’s Blog

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