Master Key Week 1 – The Game of “IF”


I love the game of golf for many reasons.  You can be at any level and enjoy, depending on how you handle your shots.  The views are breathtaking; you exercise, focus and enjoy the people you are playing with and the fun afterwards as you talk about how your game went and listen to others talk about theirs.  It’s fun to listen for all the “ifs” in the conversation.   If I had only made that putt, if I had not hit that tree or trees, if it hadn’t been so slow I would have had my best game ever!  I then say to the person or persons-, “it’s the game of “if”! “

I find this the same in our journey through life and that’s why I am totally dedicated to Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA).  I want to “key it” when I feel or see it.   Another words, when I see the door of opportunity I want to make a decision as to what I want to do with it!  Looking forward is exciting knowing I am embarking on something new, living life with intention versus the wheel of being overwhelmed realizing you are the only one that can change that stressful feeling.  As I quietly sit, I vision how my body is working all together in perfect unison and my organs are doing their part, I need to do my part, feeding it only good things-, food and thoughts!!!  So I am on my journey to creating my life with more focus, intention and understanding.   I believe there is a reason for everything, all is a learning experience and it is what you do with it that’s important.

One thing you may want to know about me-, I don’t like to write.  I consider myself a private person and I am putting my thoughts on paper or cyberspace!!!  Yikes!!!  There is something to be said for putting things down in writing.  It makes you think more about your thoughts, it puts a focus to your thoughts and it is surprisingly making me feel as though I am accomplishing something.  If I only knew!!!

Make it a great day!!!

Carol Marsocci

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