Week 4 – Round 3 — An Eye Opener

I would like to introduce you to my husband Tom.  He has been going through the Master Keys each year with me.  I love his insight and what it is he is doing as we continue to grow our Painting and Remodeling Business.  Challenges can make you strong or they can bring you  to your knees.

keep calm round 3We constantly work together to be strong and the Master Key Experience has helped guide us to a place that we feel at peace.  Everything has a reason and I wholeheartedly respect and appreciate learning from others as we pull together to help each other through our own journey.  So, here he is, my true soulmate for life, Thomas Marsocci:

“Week 4 was an eye opener. It brought me to the realization those things that I have believed in all my life.   I can relate to different occurrences in my life, which lead me to believe I was directed by the world within.

Worrrying-does-not-empty-tomorrow-of-its-troubles-it-empties-today-of-its-strength-Mary-Engelbreit-quoteNot until now was I able to fully understand this, but I believe with my whole heart that my spirit is in direct relationship with many of the good occurrences in my life. Yes, I did dream of things I wanted to be in the past; and yes, I did dream of circumstances and conditions that I would have liked to have become. But, many did not occur because they were not based on natural law, truth and justice and I realize that now.  It was not until I started to concentrate and understand that deep thinking and focus on important matters came about by a series of events from the world within.

Now, as I continue to read and re read Week 4 of the Master Key, I can see that my thinking was the truth.”


Carol Marsocci

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10 thoughts on “Week 4 – Round 3 — An Eye Opener

  1. Carol, I have many times as you looked back also was able to see where my life was directed by other than me. Sometimes it leaves me breathless. Great insight and a beautifully written piece. As always….Kudos to you.


    • mkcarmarso

      Thanks so much John, wonderful seeing you here. Yes, we are now observing and always learning through our personal awareness. Enjoy your journey, Carol

  2. Suzanne LaFlamme

    Hi Carolyn,

    I read your blog and resonated with these words:

    “… I believe with my whole heart that my spirit is in direct relationship with many of the good occurrences in my life.”

    Beautifully said, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Also it was nice to meet Tom through your writing.

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