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I want to share…

Mark J’s blog on the 20 points of a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill.

Mark also asked us to share what we believe is the most important points for ourselves… and what we have nailed along with which one we need some work on. I will share mine at the end!

By Mark J

Master Key Experience, Week 23…20 Points Master Key Experience Members Know

March 15, 2015


Sometimes I just sit in awe. To be in the company of close to 300 kindred spirits who actually “get it.”

Get what?

There’s about a 7 minute video and most people who come across it will be drifting sometime around the 3rd to 4th minute. The “quick fix” know-it-alls. They’ll never understand the wisdom in the 20 points Mr. Hill makes.


The ironic thing is people who “drift” or think this is old stuff or, in most cases, think the list is “way to long” and it’s “not what they are looking for or need”, just never understand that it is exactly what they are lookng for and precisely what they need.

7 minutes and 20 quick point yield the number 1 treasure of the 12 to 13 riches in life, depending on who is counting the chickens. Truth be told, with this one, the other 11 simply follow…automatically….like clock work.

What I love most about Week 23 in this six month process is the scholars of themselves who have paid the price daily will view this and understand the remarkable power they now have…and how simple it all is.

And, really, if you think you’ve got a great attitude, a PMA, grab the 7 day mental diet and take it….should be easy, right?

What I’d really love is to hear what you believe, from those 20 points, is what you believe is the most important parts to you….hey, we’re all a little different….what do you have “nailed” and where you need to improve?

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

Ok, so here is what is very important and I have nailed “whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”! I firmly believe this and have set this in motion in my daily life. Nailed completely, well I would like to say that it’s always going to be a work in progress, always room for improvement. The one thing I need to do on a daily basis-, begin each day with one minute of hearty laughter!!!  I know most people don’t like to hear there own voice and I am one of them.  Dr. Hill’s suggestions are helpful and making a recording or video of yourself is definitely educational in many ways!!!

Would love to hear your thoughts. You can grab “The Day Mental Diet” also called “The Seven Days to a New Life” on the side of this blog.

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